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I pulled this word several days ago and then ended up not writing about it.  For several days, I swept it to the back of my mind, yet it popped up here and there for me to reflect on.

My initial thought was “oh here it is again, a message reminding me that I don’t trust Source enough.”  Sure enough, the first thing to come up is self-recrimination.  After a simple moment, I was then struck with thoughts of celebration – I had come a long way from where I used to be, and I should celebrate that over beating myself up. (Woo hoo! – just to be clear, that’s woo hoo for celebration, not beating myself up)

I know that not all that long ago, I would have been petrified to retire (and probably would have delayed it even more).  Financially, it is/will be a giant reorganization of my life, and I will probably need to supplement the income from Social Security.  Emotionally, I am aware that the greatest thing that I can do is allow myself to decompress – allow the rest that I need into my life – allow myself to regenerate.  Today, I am more certain that all is well.  I find I am still reluctant to say “ALL is well” and believe that that is so.  And, I find this a crux of the message – believe.  Amusing, since as a Piscean, the key words are “I Believe.”  Well, ok, busted.  I don’t always.  I have said for years, I do believe in miracles – especially for others; just not certain about myself.  (So, I have often thought that the universe has a perverse sense of humor 🙂 )

Back to celebration….where I find myself is that I am more open to what will unfold, rather than the need to know how everything will come to pass.  I am willing to trust the inner voice that says “relax, wait until you get a clear prompt to make a move.”  “Trust that what you are doing now is just perfect.”  “All will unfold with benevolence.”  Nice voices to be heeding and to continue to believe in.

Then of course, I must acknowledge the fact that it really is about how much do I trust myself.  Ahhh, the journey to grace is still going.

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