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Starting October.  Strengthening Your Intuition – Creating dialogues that can change how you live your life

Are you a person who would like to strengthen your intuitive skills?

These days most people have some kind of relationship to their intuition.  You may be someone who relies on their gut instinct when it comes to dealing with situations; uses kinesiology regularly to get answers, receives a steady stream of guidance when you ask a question or send a prayer out to the universe.  You may be a person who is suddenly getting visions, hearing words, or just seems to know what is going to happen next.

How do you use your Intuition?  You are in the middle of a situation and you go by what feels right?  You ask yes and no questions until you narrow in on the response?  You see, hear, or just know the right answer?  Do you use it for making major decisions or what to buy in the grocery store for dinner tonight?  Do you use it only when you feel safe that you won’t get an answer that you don’t want to hear?  Do you ask the questions and then doubt the answers?  Don’t want to tell anyone for fear that they would ostracize you as being weird?

In this six week class, a small group of people will explore opportunities to strengthen their intuition.  We will cover topics such as

  • Dialing in your own intuition
  • Communicating with something in nature
  • Communicating with an animal
  • Communicating with an inanimate object
  • Communicating with a situation

Each week, our small group will gather to share the wisdom that we have gained in the previous week. You will learn new techniques, support each other, and gain more confidence that the internal voices have meaning in your life.

All things have a consciousness, it is simply whether we choose to recognize it or not.


  • Develop self-reliance and confidence by increasing the dialogue between you and your Inner Wisdom
  • Enhance your communication skills by learning multiple techniques
  • Gain insight by expanding your relationship with the “Consciousness” that exists in the universe
  • Connecting with other like-minded souls (Saves you from that “I feel crazy feeling” or “others will think I am nuts.”)


Each class will be up to 90 minutes, depending on the number of participants

  • Group will be limited to 6 people
  • There will be homework assignments for each week
  • Cost $100
  • Minimum 3 participants required for class

Contact BB at or 720-378-4961 to register or with questions.


November 7 to December 12    Conversations with Consciousness – Creating dialogues that can change how you live your life.

In an attempt to wrap my arms around the mission of of bringing all of creation into communion, I have realized a couple of things.  1) that this is not unlike the many cultures and practices that honor the God/Spirit in all things; and 2) that a perfect place to begin is to bring people to the every- day awareness that there is consciousness in all things.  Whether we believe that is true or not, matters not.  If we have an experience of that, how would it change our lives?  I am inviting anyone who has the curiosity to a six week program where we will delve into that possibility and see where it takes us.  We will work on dialogues with

* Your own inner wisdom
* Nature
* An animal (pet or otherwise)
* An inanimate object (e.g., piece of furniture, a car)
* Your body
* A situation in your life
For more details and to register click here.  You might also want to read a similar blog post (posted on September 18).  Early bird special a complimentary Voice Dialogue session between now and October 17.

Contact BB at or 720-378-4961 with questions.


Starting This Fall:  Twelve Week Group True Purpose Class.

In this class the opportunity will be to

  • Work with a small group of people (4-6) to find your Soul-Aligned Purpose
  • Create a partnership with your Ego that will both allow you to find your purpose, and to live your purpose
  • Create a connection with your Inner Wisdom / Guidance / God, if you don’t already have one.  You will use this connection to find YOUR purpose
  •  The objective is to find your purpose around the four following areas
  1. Your Essence – What do you bring to the world.  A statement of your BEINGNESS.
  2. Your Blessing – What is your gift, how do you express it so that you transform the lives of others
  3. Your Mission – What one very large task is your Soul here to do.  This may take multiple lifetimes, and multiple people.  Once it is done, you are done.
  4. Your Message – What wisdom do you have to bring to the world
  • Establish a starting plan to live your purpose

You will have the opportunity to develop life-long skills that will allow you to move forward with the universe.  This class is for you if you have that certain “impulse” to find that “certain something” that will make your life more fulfilling.

Contact BB at or 720-378-4961 to see if this class is for you and to get on the waiting list.


Spring 2018 – Finding your Soul-Aligned Purpose. (Group process)

This is a 12 week group process utilizing the True Purpose(r) process to find your soul-aligned purpose.  Your Purpose statements (there are 4 areas – Essence, Blessing, Mission, Message come from the inside and your direct connection with your Inner Wisdom rather than via assessment tests and outsiders.  For many people this creates a sense of peace knowing that there is a deeper connection to the Soul and the purpose for why they are here on the earth. Although finding your purpose is one of the primary benefits, an even stronger one is creating and then strengthening your own connection to your Inner Guidance. This is what will allow you to move into living your purpose more fully.

To contact me email or call: or 720-378-4961