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I pulled the word and giggled.  I remembered the gist of a comment, frequently made in jest, “It’s a good thing that breathing is automatic, otherwise I’d be dead.”

Boy, do I resemble that remark!  I move through out life and frequently give it no conscious thought, and oft times it shows.  How often have I been in a position where I have caught myself holding my breath?  When that happens, I usually marvel about the fact that I had NO idea I was doing that.  Yup, good thing that it is automatic.

In my work with essential oils, there were a few of the oils that combined the message of breathing with the ability to receive (in breath); the ability to put ones own expression into the world (out breath).  This is a great reminder for me that I can bring in the energies of the universe by breathing in; and empower myself and take my place as a co-creator by breathing out.

Breathe In; Breathe out; repeat.

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