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Monthly Archives: May 2015


These words were given to me by the woman who was my roommate at the first Evolutionary Women's retreat nearly ten years ago.  As part of the closing ceremony,   each of us looked into the eyes of the other women and quietly made the commitment that "I will stay awake with you."  For me, it [...]

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I pulled this word several days ago and then ended up not writing about it.  For several days, I swept it to the back of my mind, yet it popped up here and there for me to reflect on. My initial thought was "oh here it is again, a message reminding me that I don't trust [...]

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It would be difficult for me to see the word Shakti without thinking of the name Shakti Gawain.  She was a prominent name many years ago (while I was still in CA and that was 25 years ago).  She was (is) known for Creative Visualization and later Living in the Light.  In the mid-90's, I was [...]

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The obvious comes to mind with this word.  When doing things, have joy in doing so. When I pulled the word, I quickly heard it said with the intonation of a command - as in "You! Go forth and enjoy!"  Kind of amusing, and at the same time, what if I took the command to heart?  Would I [...]

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I pulled the word and giggled.  I remembered the gist of a comment, frequently made in jest, "It's a good thing that breathing is automatic, otherwise I'd be dead." Boy, do I resemble that remark!  I move through out life and frequently give it no conscious thought, and oft times it shows.  How often have [...]

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Surprisingly, when I pulled the words from the basket this morning, I had an unpleasant visceral reaction.  I was immediately bombarded with scenes of people signing cards - Best Wishes blah, blah; people saying good bye - Best Wishes, blah, blah. As I went through the day, I found myself wanting to blame people for being shallow [...]

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A great word.  Where does my inspiration come from?  The inspiration muse comes from many different sources.  It might be a good movie; a book; a quote that I see on Facebook; another's story; taking a drive in the hills, many ideas coalescing into a new combined energy.  Certainly, it is not a single one.  [...]

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I can make the obvious connection and say that this is a message to remain open, especially to possibilities.  When I feel uncertain, things don't seem to make sense, when there are challenges, to remain open to what can happen rather than to stay in the limited thought pattern.  Admittedly a noble objective, and for [...]

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My first thought when I pulled these words was Mercury retrograde. (the next one of which arrives on May 19, if I remember correctly). Now why is that? I was told once that under Mercury retrograde, it was a perfect time to RE anything. Redo, Rebuild, Reconstruct, Repair. I’m getting a big dose of these [...]

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This will be really simple. I am in great need of some energetic support. I have caught one hellacious something or rather. Any energy sent will be greatly appreciated. I want to acknowledge at this moment, I was able to easily ask for this support. There was a time in my life where I would [...]

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