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What a way to start the new year.  The best is yet to come.  The words ring with promise.  These words were given to me by a long-time friend who has seen me go through many ups and downs in the 30 plus years that we have known each other.  He has been there through many wins and some losses.  He was a cheer-leader when the darkness really hit – a time in my life where I dipped into survival mode, and wasn’t sure that I would ever get out of that hole.  He was there as I climbed out, and got a toehold into “one more” career that lasted 17 years.

Retirement has been a journey.  During my 2015 summer road trip, I was driving through the vast open spaces of either southern Alberta or northern Montana, I then heard myself say out loud “I’d like to help people find their purpose.”  It was an interesting moment when my thoughts pronounced themselves.  I don’t know about you, when something like that happens for me, it is like some part of me has just come on line, and made it very clearly known what it would like to do.  After I returned home, I started looking into that, and discovered that the True Purpose Institute was offering a training program in February of 2016.  I signed up, became a trained True Purpose Coach, and am now completing on the certification process.  This particular technique speaks to me because the emphasis is on working with your own inner wisdom – finding your purpose from the inside out rather than doing assessment tests and having it presented to you from the outside.  There is something about coming online with your Trusted Source and getting the information that way rather than having a computer pull all of your answers together and getting it on a print out.

As I continue to embody my own purpose, I am moving more and more into partnership with my Ego and Trusted Source.  Another reason I like the True Purpose program – it is an acknowledgement that we are forging a new pathway where they work together, not trying to eradicate the egoic parts so that Spirit can predominate.  As I look back on 2016 I have much to celebrate – I have deepened my relationship to my own purpose, my Trusted Source and egoic parts; I have walked individuals and a small group through finding their purpose; I have moved from CO to NM and await the next leg of my journey; I have met new people, gone to new places and found a new direction that “tickles my fancy.”

It is exciting to engage with the notion that THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

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