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It would be difficult for me to see the word Shakti without thinking of the name Shakti Gawain.  She was a prominent name many years ago (while I was still in CA and that was 25 years ago).  She was (is) known for Creative Visualization and later Living in the Light.  In the mid-90’s, I was the logistical lead for a workshop that she did, and I thought at that time that she was at least in her late 50’s.  I was surprised to discover today that she is actually younger than I am.  (Obviously, I would not be a good resource for guessing someone’s age. LOL)

I am aware that the truer meaning for Shakti is the primal energy of creation.  Shakti is  one of the Hindu Goddesses affiliated with the Divine Feminine.  I have also heard the term Shakti used in a way akin to chi (qui), or one’s personal power.

I can feel the energy pick up in my body just thinking about the Shakti flow.

I feel that this word as an invitation to find my personal empowerment through the use of creative energies.  Aligning with the Divine Feminine is probably also key to employing the full benefit of the word Shakti.  The Divine Feminine is an alluring precept for me.  I can’t claim to understand what that means, yet recognize that there is something sacred waiting to reveal itself.  I wonder to myself whether the slowing down that is happening in my life will open the window/door to exploring and understanding the Divine Feminine even more.

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