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A great word.  Where does my inspiration come from?  The inspiration muse comes from many different sources.  It might be a good movie; a book; a quote that I see on Facebook; another’s story; taking a drive in the hills, many ideas coalescing into a new combined energy.  Certainly, it is not a single one.  In addition it also comes from that inner space where I feel a moment of  expansion and well-being.  It can happen suddenly, and a moment a gratitude for the Angelic messengers that abound.

One place where I felt that moment of expansion was when I used to drive into the office.  There was plenty of open space, and farm land that alternated plowed fields and hay fields.  The sun shining and the contrast of deep rich brown dirt and yellow fields was always breathtaking and centering for me.

Inspiration can manifest for me in different ways…Sometimes it is the recognition of a “great idea” and others it is something that “just feels right” and still others it is “when I get a message” from the energy of my connection with Source.

I am looking forward to allowing the silent times to spring forward new moments of inspiration.

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