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These words were given to me by the woman who was my roommate at the first Evolutionary Women’s retreat nearly ten years ago.  As part of the closing ceremony,   each of us looked into the eyes of the other women and quietly made the commitment that “I will stay awake with you.”  For me, it was a pledge to hold space and bear witness to the unfolding of my sisters in Spirit.

All these years, I have wondered about the “why” this particular phrase.  Each time I thought of those words, I was aware that the Apostles were supposed to stay awake in the  Garden of Gesthemane as Jesus prepared for his day of judgment and sacrifice.  Alas, they were not able to do so, so I always found a juxtaposition – the legendary story where the Apostles failed to stay away, with the commitment to stay awake.

Today I had the opportunity to speak with one of the originators of that workshop to find out what the origins of that phrase were.  As I had thought, it was based on the story of the Apostles in the Garden of Gesthemane.  Her perspective was that at that time, the Apostles were not able to hold the energy for Jesus and therefore went to sleep.  That it is a common occurrence that when someone goes to an event and are not able to hold the frequency they frequently go to sleep.  We then laughed since I said, why yes, I was aware of that, since it has happened to me more than once. 🙂  I also shared that many years ago when I participated in a channeling group, that it was mentioned by the channeled entity (probably St. Germain) that “they” did that so that the person could get the information without the resistance when they were awake.  I digress.

As part of the workshop presentation, they had received a message that this would make a good closing. We had evolved since then and would be in a space to hold the resonant energy for the gathering, and thus in a position to share that phrase with others.

Over the years since then, I have used that phrase at other EW retreats;  occasionally with another small group where it felt appropriate in the moment.

Today, I feel honored to have others in my life that are honoring their awakening state.  I invite all to find the opportunity to “stay awake with you.”


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