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Surprisingly, when I pulled the words from the basket this morning, I had an unpleasant visceral reaction.  I was immediately bombarded with scenes of people signing cards – Best Wishes blah, blah; people saying good bye – Best Wishes, blah, blah. As I went through the day, I found myself wanting to blame people for being shallow – saying things that were pedantic and not what they really meant to say.

Then it lead to wanting to take the words apart.  Good – opposite of bad; something that people would be willing to experience; something beneficial.  Wishes.  Why wishes?  wishes are things that people don’t get. How often do they come to fruition?  They seem to  remain out of reach like the proverbial carrot on the stick.  Why not wish a person “Good Manifestation to You?”  Command (another use of the word wish) that a person bring things into formation rather than keep things out there in the ethers.

As I continued through the day and into the evening, I realized that my initial thoughts were a projection on to others.  How many times had I been guilty of saying “best wishes” to someone, especially someone I did not know well?  Why didn’t I dig deeper and find something even more relevant to say to the person; something that would acknowledge some connection to the person?  More depth rather than keeping in on the surface where it is safe?  I realized that this generally comes up in social situations where they are a casual contact; people that I know of; have a working knowledge of and no real intimacy with.  It is a way to make nice.  Would it be better to not do anything?

At the end of today, I am having the realization that this has been an invitation to look more deeply on the types of relationships that I want to have in my life, as well as the next time I have an opportunity to sign a card see if there a way that I can take a moment to find a point of connection more deeply than just “best wishes” and sign off.  An invitation to be more authentic and transparent

I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am in no way minimizing the gift of the words “Good Wishes” given to me.  I am deeply appreciative, and in awe of how unfinished business can popup in the most innocuous of ways.  As the day passed, the challenge became noticing how I felt about things and would I be willing to share the journey with you.

Today, I willingly accept the gift of the words “Good Wishes”  and see them as an opportunity to set dreams in motions.

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