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The obvious comes to mind with this word.  When doing things, have joy in doing so.

When I pulled the word, I quickly heard it said with the intonation of a command – as in “You! Go forth and enjoy!”  Kind of amusing, and at the same time, what if I took the command to heart?  Would I approach how I do things any differently?  Would I not do some things because I wouldn’t enjoy them?  Could I shift my perspective so that I could do them and enjoy (in joy)?  What would I let go of if I just “couldn’t get into it?”  What would I embrace more if I knew that it was ok to enjoy them?  Sometimes, I find that I can “deprive” myself of something I enjoy because it is something “I shouldn’t” be doing.  (Or so, someone else says.)

Right now, I am enjoying the flexibility to sleep when I want to, do things when I want to, and NOT do things when I don’t want.  (Of course, it is easy to give myself permission to do that when I haven’t been feeling 100%).   The question is will I allow myself to continue to do that or will I start overriding the impulses with the things I “should be doing” instead?  There are a lot of things on the list, and it could be an interesting experiment to go down the list and say “I’ll do this, because I would enjoy it.”  Hmmmmm.  Wonder what would fall off the list.  😉

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