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This word was gifted more than once.  The first thing that popped up when I saw the word courage was the courage to get out there more.  To become more visible in the world.  What prompted this particular thought?

I was on a call yesterday morning with a few friends discussing the possibility of a 10 year reunion for a group that we have all held space for.  In the middle of the conversation I am aware that I am participating with women who are “activists” – women who have been shaping the world during the last 10 years.  Whoa!!!!  One who has published more than 20 anthology books on the emergence of women finding their voice; one has a radio show; one was heavily involved in the 60’s for women’s rights and carries forward today the emergence of what do women know; and one, now in her 70’s who is thoroughly committed at this moment to the support of her daughter and grandaughter as well as clarity that she is serving the planet in her dream time.  I had the thought – what have I done for the world besides work for a corporation during the last 10 years?

One of the women made the comment, “we are not home schooling, we are planet schooling.”  Now there is a thought.

Courage to accept that there are no accidents – that I am exactly where I need to be – participating with people who definitely have an awareness of what it is like to be visible in the world.  Courage to accept that the next step is expanding into “planet schooling”.  Courage to let the inner voice come forward.  Courage to live life more authentically.  Courage to finally to say a few words to a much larger audience.  Courage to BE.

One step – keep blogging the journey.

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