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I pulled this word and there was a sudden flash that hey, these words are getting tougher.  They dig at something deep within me.  Something uncomfortable to admit. Make me question what is real? What is perception?

A first effort – acknowledge that I am connected.  I have brought in information for several writings.  I often get intuitive hits, some of which pan out; some not.

A second effort – acknowledge that I could allow the connection to come in even stronger.  Allow the grace to enter and know that I am safe.

A third effort – recognize that I naturally am a connector.  If someone needs to know something, I often know someone that might be able to help.  In the corporate world, I often understood that if one person changed something over here that they needed to alert someone over there.  That person might have a need to know so that it would not impact them.

It feels appropriate to contemplate how it is that I am connected with ALL THAT IS.  And then I wonder, do I really want to go there?  Do I really want to be that open that I can see, acknowledge, feel that I am connected to ALL.  Feels like it would be an opening that would be filled with a lot of pain. Not wanting to invite that in.

It feels like if I really admit how connected I am / could be that it would mean having to change my life.  Am I ready for that?

How to embrace the deep level of connection that is present.  Allow grace in.  One step at a time.

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