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Yesterday evening on the way home from the office for the last time, I stopped, bought some flowers, a couple of balloons and came home and converted my table to an altar.  I had put out the call to have people gift me with a word to carry with me into my new life.  I added some candles and made slips of paper with the words that people sent to me.  Over 100 of them.  I then had a ceremony to close out the old and invite in the new.

This morning, I had the idea that I could draw a word and see how that word enters my life.  Then said, well I could blog about that.  I then went, well, great idea, let’s see how I execute on that.  (I have LOTS of great ideas, and sometimes lack the execution part)

The first word – Celebration.  Obviously, celebration is in order when one makes a transition in their life.  I had opportunities to reflect on how I might bring celebration into my life.  Here is one….this morning I looked at my calendar and saw all of the open space.  There was a giant pause followed by panic – ALL OF THAT OPEN SPACE!!!!  What was I going to do?  I had the opportunity to realize that for years my life has been dictated by what was on the calendar.  It told me what I was going to do, when I was going to do it, where I was going to do it, and with whom I was going to do it.  I have joked with a friend of mine that if it “isn’t on my calendar, it ain’t gonna happen.”  In fact, as I type that, it is the very friend who gifted me with the word Celebration.

I now get to celebrate the freedom of moving throughout the universe in a much different way.  Guided by what feels right in the moment.  It allows me to be more expansive, and to settle even more into the present since I don’t have to split my attention from what I am currently doing and make sure that I’m on time for the next thing.  I can feel the deep breath and inner sigh when I say that.  “At long last” it says.  Now my panic is how do I get my technology to support me so that I know when I do have an appointment or commitment to keep.  HA HA, what a switch.

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