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This will be really simple. I am in great need of some energetic support. I have caught one hellacious something or rather. Any energy sent will be greatly appreciated. I want to acknowledge at this moment, I was able to easily ask for this support. There was a time in my life where I would [...]

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I pulled this word and there was a sudden flash that hey, these words are getting tougher.  They dig at something deep within me.  Something uncomfortable to admit. Make me question what is real? What is perception? A first effort - acknowledge that I am connected.  I have brought in information for several writings.  I [...]

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Now this is a word I have resisted a good portion of my life.  Here's my trigger:  for many years the metaphysical realm has talked about how each person is unique; our energetic imprint is one-of-a-kind; we have an unique note or frequency;  we are like snowflakes - no two are alike. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.  My [...]

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This word was gifted more than once.  The first thing that popped up when I saw the word courage was the courage to get out there more.  To become more visible in the world.  What prompted this particular thought? I was on a call yesterday morning with a few friends discussing the possibility of a [...]

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Yesterday evening on the way home from the office for the last time, I stopped, bought some flowers, a couple of balloons and came home and converted my table to an altar.  I had put out the call to have people gift me with a word to carry with me into my new life.  I [...]

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Today, May 1, I retired after nearly 17 years at the same company.  I had worked for another company for 18 and had some entrepreneurial jobs in the middle.  Definitely got my 40 plus years in the workforce. Many have asked me what was I going to do after I retired?  My answer was pretty much [...]

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