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Find and Live Your Soul Aligned Purpose

Finding and Living Your Purpose

 In this 12-15 week program, we work to establish a strong partnership between your Ego and your Trusted Source (a generic name for your Inner Wisdom, Source, Great Spirit, God, Allah, Guardian Angel) to find your Soul-Aligned purpose. There are four components – your essence, your blessing, your mission and your message. You will learn to use one or more direct access methods to establish conversation with your Trusted Source to obtain this information. Once you have identified your purpose, we will work on a plan so that you can maintain your connection and live out your purpose.

If you are drawn to this work, you are likely…
  • Someone in their 50’s or older, and probably female.
  • Have frequently wondered “why am I here?”
  • Have had a successful life, yet feel that there is “something else out there” and aren’t quite sure what it is
  • Are spiritually inclined. You might not have a strong belief in or relationship with God, however, you are a believer there is Something greater than you are.
  • Know that you have intuition, however, don’t have any control over when it shows up, and wish you could “tune in on demand.”
  • Have often wished you lived a different life, had more “freedom” or “courage” and are aware that when you think of that lifestyle you are more aware of why you can’t do that.
  • Secretly envy someone who says something like “I am following my passion.”
When you complete the program, you will ideally have…
  • Information about your purpose – your essence, blessing, mission and message, or an understanding of what you need to do to get that information
  • A connection with your Trusted Source(s) that you can initiate at any time, or an understanding of what you would need to do in order to do that
  • Knowledge of some of your key parts of self
  • An understanding of how you can lay the ground work to establish the connection with your Trusted Source and how you can update the criteria
  • A plan on how you will live your purpose and/or the next steps for you to take

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Find and Live Your Soul Aligned Purpose
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